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Pharaoh is undergoing Azaab e Qabr although that his body is laying still in front of everyone.

Like someone who is sleeping and enduring pain in his dream cannot be resented by someone by him, in the same way the life of Barzakh is complex and cannot be understood here.

Yet in the course of my duty I am required to attend court sessions and am required to address the sitting judge as "my lord" or "your lordship" is there a way of getting round this? A person who has authority, control, or power over others; a master, chief, or ruler. A person who exercises authority from property rights; an owner of land, houses, etc. A person who is a leader or has great influence in a chosen profession: the great lords of banking. Q) What is the punishment for someone who did an abortion after 4 months under compulsion and fear?

I find it very difficult to label anyone as Lord apart from Allah. A) Fuqaha states that 500 dirhams or Rs 87500 should be paid to the father.

Lorsque le prophète SAW fut questionné sur la raison pourquoi il jeunait chaque Lundi, il répondit : ‘’C`est parce que je naquit le Lundi et aussi parce que la première révélation vint vers moi le Lundi.’’(Muslim) Le prophète SAW exprimait sa gratitude des faveurs par le jeune.

C`est suffisant de décourager les majalis, les célébrations ou même des innovations a ce sujet. Mais li permissible faire voyage la dans pareille couma les zotes mois.

Is it shirk to call the Judge by the appellation of 'Lord' or Your Lordship then? But one should make sincere tawbah and istighfaar since you have taken a life. Q) If the father of a child has agreed and forces the mother to abort a child after 4 moths, should the mother still give money to the child's father?

Because that's the protocol and you can get jailed for contempt of court otherwise. What should the mother do because the father does not care about what happened.

Néanmoins, le prophète SAW quitta ce monde un lundi pendant le mois de Rabi`ul Awal, onzième année hijri(Ibn Hibbaan).

Les dates rapportées sont le 12(Kanzul Umaal) ou plus précisément le 2(Sharhe Shamail et Dalailun nubuwah).

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